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Being involved in an auto accident or a slip-and-fall incident can be a traumatic experience in its own right. With all the medical bills that are sure to pile up, you should receive compensation for the at-fault party’s negligence or thoughtless act. Based in Milledgeville, GA, Brian G. Combs, Attorney at Law is ready to serve Bibb and Baldwin counties with 28 years of legal experience. Get the representation you need from our skilled attorney and staff. 

The auto accident ace

From fender benders to head-on collisions, auto accidents are scary enough. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers to handle claims for them, meaning you’re at a disadvantage if you go it alone. Allow Brian G. Combs, Attorney at Law to fight on the front lines for you. With decades of experience as a personal injury attorney, Mr. Combs knows how to navigate the legal system to help circumvent some of the most common tactics insurance companies use to limit your compensation. We won’t leave a single stone unturned to make sure you’re in the best position to get what you deserve.

A situation in need of our personal injuty attorney in Milledgeville, GA

Picking you up after a slip & fall

Have you ever fallen on a wet spot in a grocery or department store, causing you to need medical attention? You could receive benefits to help offset, or completely wipe out, those costs with help from Brian G. Combs, Attorney at Law. Falling accidents don’t have to be limited to wet spots with no “Wet Floor” signage present; they could be faulty stairs, damaged walked ways, and other poorly maintained parts of one’s property. As your personal injury attorney, Mr. Combs will help you determine who’s at fault and what you’re owed for someone else’s negligence. 

slippery floor

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